Business Banking

Others say it. We mean it.

At Benchmark Bank, we know that each small business is as unique as its owners and employees. That’s why we take time to understand each business customer to customize our services to fit their needs. Whether it’s a checking account, payroll account, new building loan, scheduled courier service, or just your Benchmark Banker stopping by, you can count on Benchmark to be your partner in business banking.

And, if you’re working with an accountant or lawyer to help you determine your financing needs, we speak “law” and “accounting” too. We’re happy to work with your advisors to be a part of your business team.


Each business has it's own financial management systems. We know our bank does. So, we thought it would be wise to have many great options to help your business with daily transactions and saving for the future. A Benchmark Banker can help you figure out the products and services that best fit you.


An efficient small business often need more than just a checking account. Benchmark Bank offers a full line of additional products and services to keep your business working smoothly and effectively, so you can concentrate on more important things.


As a business grows so does the need for money to finance a new building, new equipment and more employees. And those needs require additional financing. We can take care of that for you.

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